Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G: First Thoughts

From the moment that I set eyes on my new Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G, preordered from Verizon, I knew that it was almost the tablet of my dreams. Almost. The screen is so beautiful and it looks gorgeous sitting on my small wooden-cabinet-turned-standing-desk. The stylus is so crisp and precise, and has great support in both Infinite Painter and OneNote. And with Good Lock MultiStar, windows work like some sort of real *NIX window manager! (Isn’t that what this ultimately is?) And it tasks switches without hiccup, which is ultimately why I decided to replace my very dated Tab S3 in the first place. It was truly the tablet of my dreams!


Or so I thought. Hefting the thing, I had déjà vu of my old Galaxy Note 12 [Tablet], also a Verizon model, from several years before. Regardless of specs or performance, it felt huge. The screen real estate could be so helpful for complex tasks, but the sheer size of it meant that I, for small tasks, often left it behind. This defeated the purpose of it as a go-to notepad for my ideas, which broke the habit, which wasn’t helpful for its otherwise productive influence in my life.


I wanted to love it. This tablet has been exceptional. For aforesaid reasons, I found this tablet to tick a great many of the boxes that I have been looking for. I’ve had this tablet for about fifteen days, now, and have made a great many observations about it. What I’m pretty sure about it is that it’s completely the wrong size, and will probably be returned in favor of a Galaxy Tab S8 Wifi Edition, as no LTE edition of the Tab S8 exists at the time of writing. But we still have a minute or two before it needs to be returned, so in the next few posts, I will be exploring some of the unique quirks of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G for Verizon Wireless.

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